Choosing a therapist is an important and courageous decision.

Susan Greene, Ph.D.

Susan Greene, Ph.D.

This website is designed to introduce myself and to provide some information about my approach to psychotherapy as well as therapy in general.

My psychotherapy practice focuses on the challenges and obstacles that keep people from having a creative, exciting, thoughtful, loving and fulfilling life.

I work with adults, adolescents and couples on a wide range of issues including:

  • Frequent feelings of sadness or depression
  • Anger, guilt or shame
  • Anxiety and/or panic
  • Relationship conflict or loss
  • Past or current trauma
  • The debilitating effects of oppression
  • Creative blocks
  • Learning disabilities
  • Life transitions
  • Addiction
  • Fear of rejection
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Loneliness/Isolation
  • Avoidance and procrastination
  • Stress
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Personal Growth/Identity
  • Gay and lesbian identity and relationship issues
  • Fear of emotional intimacy, closeness, and trusting others
  • Inability to sustain feelings of pleasure or happiness
  • Self-destructive behavior patterns